"Creating more age-friendly places in
Greater Manchester and empowering people
to live fulfilling lives as they age."
"Helping to connect communities and
people through the creation
of relationships"
"Greater Manchester is the UK's first age-friendly city region
as recognised by the World Health Organization"

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We believe that a series of small changes within
our communities will bring large scale success...

in a practical and sustainable sense – the result being that we help to reduce social isolation.

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Our Learning so far: Inequalities
We recognise that the main risk factors for social isolation are linked to marginalisation and inequality. Our focus is on equalities and shifting power towards those who have not traditionally been involved in decision making.
Our Learning so far: Involvement
It is important to involve older people in the design and delivery of age-friendly communities. However, time and resource is needed to do this effectively.
Our learning so far: Approaches to Inclusion
To meet the needs of our diverse society, it is important to provide a variety of ways people can get involved in their communities. To fully include marginalised groups, we need to make sure that we are inclusive when we design general opportunities as well delivering targeted approaches.
Our learning so far: People Like Me
Many of us feel a sense of belonging to our community when we are around people we feel are like us. We can help increase community cohesion by providing opportunities to get to know others who we may perceive as different from ourselves and discover similarities.
Our learning so far: Social Infrastructure
Social Infrastructure (or shared spaces) need to be sustained as they support social inclusion. Exchanging pleasantries, information and chatting within shared spaces enables older people to stay involved in their community, connected to informal social networks of support and are an essential precursor to more formal social and civic participation.

Making a difference across Greater Manchester.

Click through the images below for some of our case studies.

Supporting the older LGBT community in Bury
The Apna IIaaka (Our Neighbourhood) project
Walking Rugby in Bolton
Colourful Creations in local care homes
Grumpy Old Bees maintenance team

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