"Older people are particularly vulnerable to
social isolation and loneliness owing to
loss of friends and family,
or income."
Helping to connect communities and
people through the creation
of relationships
"The City of Manchester is already internationally recognised
for its work as an age-friendly city.
The Greater Manchester area is now expanding this commitment,
benefiting an additional 2.2 million people."

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We believe that a series of small changes within
our communities will bring large scale success...

in a practical and sustainable sense
– the result being that we help to reduce social isolation.

Ambition for Ageing Programme Outcomes
The majority of older people in Greater Manchester engaged by the programme will identify their neighborhood as more age-friendly
Ambition for Ageing Programme Outcomes
In areas supported by this project an increased number of older people will undertake activities of interest and the capacity of local assets will increase.
Ambition for Ageing Programme Outcomes
Initiatives to reduce social isolation will be mainstreamed into public, private and voluntary and community sector delivery
Ambition for Ageing Programme Outcomes
The contribution of older people to civic, cultural and economic life will be recognised in Greater Manchester strategies

Making a difference across Greater Manchester.

Click through the images below for some of our case studies.

Supporting the older LGBT community in Bury
The Apna IIaaka (Our Neighbourhood) project
Walking Rugby in Bolton
Colourful Creations in local care homes
Grumpy Old Bees maintenance team

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