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The programme

Ambition for Ageing is a programme delivered
by a cross-sector partnership led by GMCVO .

Programme Leadership and Co-ordination

GMCVO are the lead organisation for Ambition for Ageing and are responsible for the day to day management of the programme and co-ordination of all delivery partners. They engage with stakeholders and seek to influence them with evidence generated by Ambition for Ageing.


There is also a Programme Board for Ambition for Ageing. This is a high level executive providing scrutiny, external influence and strategic direction for the overall programme. See below list for Ambition for Ageing Programme Board membership:


  • Equalities Board representatives x 2 
  • GM Older People’s Network representatives x 2 
  • GM Ageing Hub (Paul McGarry - Strategic Lead, GMCA)
  • GMCVO Board representatives (Atiha Chaudry & Grenville Page)
  • Age UK (Chris Waddleton, Trustee - Age UK Trafford)
  • Greater Manchester Combined Authority (Stuart Cowley - Director of Adult Social Care & Health, Wigan MBC and Cllr John Pantall - Stockport MBC)
  • New Economy (John Holden)
  • University of Manchester Institute of Collaborative Research on Ageing (Chris Phillipson)


John Hannen
Programme Manager
Siobhan Foley
Project Officer (Contracts)
Thea Monk
Senior Project Officer
Darren Good
Databases Developer
Sharon Summers
Development Officer
Kirsty Bagnall
Communications and Influence Officer
Julia Battersby
Communications Assistant
Nisha Frizzell
Employment Engagement Officer
Beth Sharratt
Project Officer (Contracts)
Ellie Nixon
Contracts Officer (Ambition for Ageing)


Equalities Board

The Equalities Board will bring together individuals with experience of inequality of ageing in Ambition for Ageing (AfA) wards alongside equalities organisations working across GM. Its role is to provide insight and research into inequalities of ageing across AfA wards and more widely within GM. It also has a role in advising the AfA Programme Board and AfA delivery partners about how equality issues are taken into account in their work and to ensure the overall programme meets the needs of all communities of older people. The Equalities Board is facilitated by LGBT Foundation and assisted by two part-time Equalities Research Co-Ordinators.

Clare Bonetree
Equalities Research Coordinator
Hannah Berry
Equalities Research Coordinator
Sarah Wilkinson
Equalities Research Coordinator


GM Older People's Network

The Older People’s Network provides an opportunity for older people to have a voice in the design, delivery and evaluation of Ambition for Ageing. Membership will be drawn from older people involved in Ambition for Ageing in their local communities and other older people interested in influencing the work of the programme. It will also provide a voice for older people across the city region beyond the life of the programme.



Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) is leading on the evaluation of the Ambition for Ageing programme.

Outcomes-led, the overall approach seeks to understand whether and to what extent:

•             place-based interventions are effective at reducing the circumstances in which social isolation can occur;

•             repeated small interventions can lead to measurable and positive change;

•             a community-led, participatory approach is sustainable;

•             asset-based approaches are effective at increasing social participation; and

•             successful programmes can be replicated and/or scaled up



Manchester Institute for Collaborative Research on Ageing (MICRA) are leading on the research activities of Ambition for Ageing. They will work with older people engaged by Ambition for Ageing to understand the impact of the programme alongside working with partners to ensure they are aware of relevant research and thinking on the nature of ageing and social isolation. They will also lead on wider Ambition for Ageing research into how older people can shape service delivery and the issue of equality within older peoples provision. They will support the programme in bridging the gap between academic research, policy and practice.

Chris Phillipson
Professor of Sociology and Social Gerontology