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AfA Interim Local Evaluation Report 2018


The report mainly consists of a comparison across years, analysing changes in investment activity, demographic characteristics of those engaged, and variations in baseline measures of age-friendliness and social isolation in 2016 and 2017.


Chapter 8 of the report then reports on preliminary analysis of follow-up questionnaire responses. These questionnaires are completed six months after programme entry (or at programme exit if this occurs earlier), to capture any changes in perceptions and behaviours of respondents since their involvement in AfA.


The main report comprises:

Glossary/List of terms

Executive Summary

Section1 - Introduction

Section 2 - Methodology

Section 3 - Projects

Section 4 - Characteristics

Section 5 - Age-friendly Neighbourhoods

Section 6 - Social Contact

Section 7 - Six Month Follow Up

Secion 8 - Conclusions and Recommendations


Additionally, there are three appendices:

Appendix A - Definition of Terms

Appendix B - Full Investment List

Appendix C - Delivery Approaches 2017


Overall, the report indicates much more programme activity in 2017 than 2016, with an increase of 103% in the number of projects and an increase of 174% in monetary investment. There was an increase in investments in all Local Authority areas, and an increase in the number of older people involved in the planning and design of projects, as well as participating, volunteering, and attending events.


This increased activity and engagement with older people is evidence of the programme working well towards its intended outcomes.

Greater Manchester