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Collective Effect


Winning bids announced


26 September 2018: following our recent Collective Effect tender exercise, the winning bidders can now be announced. We are delighted to report that we have appointed the following three organisations to work with us on this programme:


Rochdale Boroughwide Housing (RBH) who plan to set up an Ageing Congress to help influence the regeneration of Kirkholt.


RBH is the UK’s first tenant and employee co-owned mutual housing society, with over 13,000 homes throughout the local area. It sets out to provide better places in which its members, tenants and employees can live and work.


Drawing on the area’s co-operative heritage, RBH places its members at the heart of decision-making, allowing everyone to enjoy a sense of security and belonging.

Contact: Nicky Morris, Communities Partnership Manager


T: 01706 273947




Healthy Me Healthy Communities

Community Grocer projects have already been established in Rusholme, Miles Platting and Gorton.


A social enterprise formed in 2012 and trading since September 2013, Healthy Me Healthy Communities has the following strategic vision:


“Enabling people to improve their own and communities' life expectancy and quality of life by reducing health and life inequalities, resulting in health and social-care savings.”


Contact: Rich Browning, Chief Executive


T:  07913 540680



Inspiring Communities Together who will be mapping the history of the River Irwell landscape in the Charlestown and Lower Kersal area of Salford and supporting the regeneration of the area.


 A charitable incorporated organisation (CIO) operating in Charlestown and Lower Kersal, Inspiring Communities Together operates as a community anchor for the neighbourhood, alongside the delivery of services across Salford and beyond.


The organisation is co-located with the Innovation Forum in central Salford.


Contact: Bernadette Elder, Chief Executive Officer


T:  07913 540680



The Collective Effect programme


Collective Effect seeks to fund the exploration and development of new and transformational methods designed to increase the levels of active citizenship in local communities.


The way we see it, active citizenship is all about people taking an active role in community life and making a positive contribution to society. Ways in which active citizenship traditionally manifests itself include taking part in voluntary work, involvement in community organisations, faith-based institutions or trade unions, and engagement with local and national politics.


For this project, we specifically set out to see active citizenship focused on the development of independent new activities genuinely owned by individuals within their communities as opposed to the recruitment of volunteers to deliver a pre-ordained brief. In other words, we want to encourage organisations to support service users or beneficiaries to work collaboratively in the pursuit of mutually agreed goals.


As a result of Collective Effect, we want to be able to understand more about how organisations develop different relationships with the individuals with whom they team up. Approaches of particular interest are projects that create activity which is sustainable by the same communities ultimately benefitting from the work. We also want to find out how more community centred approaches can be developed that are powerful enough to bring about positive change in the relationships between providers and users.