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Ambition for Ageing seminar - Eyes, Ears and Mind: Sensory Impairment and Mental Well-Being

The seminar's speakers are Dr Piers Dawes and Richard Jones


Hearing and vision impairments cause difficulties with daily living activities and impact on communication. Hearing and vision impairments are also markers of increased risk of cognitive decline. The Manchester Centre for Audiology and Deafness is interested in how we can best identify and manage hearing/vision problems in order to maximise health and well-being in later life.


Dr Piers Dawes talks about new work from the SENSE-cog project on hearing/vision impairment and mental well-being in European adults. He will also offer some ideas on how we can improve quality of life by early identification and management of hearing/vision problems.


Richard Jones talks about the work of Manchester Deaf Centre and D/deaf awareness.


Click here for Piers Dawes' lecture slides and click here for Richard Jones' lecture slides.


Greater Manchester