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Ambition for Ageing seminar - Manchester Cares: How We Reduce Loneliness for Older and Younger People Alike in Our Changing City

Manchester Cares is a new community network of young professionals and older neighbours.


Whilst Manchester is one of the most exciting places in the world – full of cultural and economic opportunities – it can also feel anonymous, lonely and isolating for some people.


Manchester Cares' vision is to bring the parallel worlds of older people and young professionals together to reduce loneliness and isolation, improve wellbeing, skills, connection and power, and bridge the gaps across social, generational and attitudinal divides.


At this seminar, founder Alex Smith talks about the model and why it's important to bring older and younger people together to strengthen rapidly changing communities.


The lecture slides are available by clicking here.


The video featured during the seminar is available to watch online by clicking here.


Greater Manchester