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Equalities Board Research Projects 2017/18




This report summarises the project reports of the five Equalities Board research projects funded in 2017 and completed in Spring 2018. The report shares highlights of the methodology, actions and findings of the projects; it aims to show how the projects were successful, and to illustrate the value of community-based research to the AFA knowledge base. We hope this will contribute to planning and designing the larger round of equalities-focussed research under SP9.


The report gives the context of the commissioning process for the research projects and a timeline, a summary of each project and highlight findings, and a short conclusion discussing the value of the EB research projects as a whole.




These are the final reports of the research projects commissioned by the Equalities Board in 2017, following reviews and visits to Local Delivery Leads which identified that there were gaps in terms of reaching particular marginalised communities, and in knowledge of some of the particular needs of these communities and of the most marginalised older people.


A report highlighting key findings of the research has been submitted to the Operations Committee.