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10 Oct 2018

GMCA publishes new report: Building Age-Friendly Neighbourhoods in Greater Manchester – evidence from the AFA programme

In the context of the themes identified from the research, this report discusses the work being done by AfA in these areas via sharing stories of age-friendly activities taking place across GM and exploring successes and challenges encountered by the programme


It builds on indications found in earlier research that neighbourhood exclusion is just as much of a risk as social isolation. It can be caused by a variety of factors such as loss of amenities, poor public transport and neighbourhood planning, perceived risks of safety and crime and local population changes.


Taken together these factors lead to a loss of ‘togetherness’ and reduced feelings of belonging. These reflect the increasingly acknowledged idea that ageing in place is not simply about the physical environment but the concepts of home and place and their interconnecting social and symbolic meanings.


This risk of neighbourhood exclusion highlights the importance of involving older people in the creation and design of age-friendly communities, to ensure their views are represented and that they are not further excluded from their neighbourhoods. Increasingly, age-friendly initiatives have begun to recognise the importance of participatory approaches, giving beneficiaries a voice alongside other stakeholders.


To read the report in full, click here