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Social isolation in later life - the role of co-production with older people

This report summarises findings from focus groups with older people engaged with the Ambition for Ageing (AfA) programme, undertaken during October-January 2016/17, and Local Delivery Lead (LDL) staff approximately six months later (June 2017). The report draws out the main themes and makes recommendations for supporting LDLs through the programme.


The first wave of focus group interviews was conducted October-January 2016/17 with older participants who already had some engagement with the AfA programme during its first year. The aim of the focus groups was to provide insights into the development of the co-production process and the core principles and target areas of the programme.


The interviews with LDL staff were conducted approximately six months later than the interviews with older people. The aim was to provide an opportunity for staff to give feedback on preliminary findings, and, secondly, to gain their perceptions about the development of their projects.

Greater Manchester
Anna Goulding, MICRA